This series of Conversations on Child/Youth Development features interactive conversations among panels of researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders of development in contexts such as child welfare, play/day care spaces, education, community development, destruction, etc.  The idea behind these conversations is that research and practice are interdependent endeavors for understanding and promoting human development in a rapidly changing world.  These events are 60 minute conversations followed by a 45 minute reception for all participants.  To make sure we converse, the coordinating team will prepare a few guiding discussion questions, which each panel member will consider briefly, followed by questions and comments from the audience.

This series of events on “Human Development in the Everyday World” will feature interactive conversations among panels of researchers/practitioners/representatives working on development in contexts such as child welfare, play spaces, day care, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations,  etc.  The goals of the series include 1) to articulate theory-practice connections; 2) to create ongoing relationships for apprenticing our graduate students toward practical theory;  3) to serve the communities of practice with whom we interact routinely in our research; 4) to promote new collaborations.  These interdisciplinary conversations will be organized around guiding questions requiring the insights and expertise of stakeholders of development.

Each Conversation will take place at the Graduate Center.  Following the in person panel we will reconvene online to continue our discussion.


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